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How To Unblock Youtube And Other Blocking Sites

Today i am going to share a very good and easy trick by which you can easily unblock all blocking sites, especially Youtube without any software or proxy . This will work for lifetime and you can do this in just in few steps. You have no need to register any software or to purchase any software just download a free extension and unblock all blocking sites. These extensions are for two major browsers which are Google Chrome and Mozila Firefox. So let see how we unblock all blocking sites including youtube to enjoy free movies and videos just by an extension.Here are two extensions...
  1. Anonymox for Mozila Firefox
  2. Zenmate for Google Chrome 
What is Anonymox ???
Anonymox is an extension use in Mozila Firefox to change you country IP adress. When you country IP adress will change then automatically all blocking sites will be unblocked. There are 5 countries or you have 5 options to choose country . You can select any country. When you will select any country then you IP adress will be automatically changed to that's country IP adress and then you can enjoy Youtube or other many blocking

                            Download Anonymox For Mozila Firefox

To unblock or to on anonymox attension go to Add-on and enable anonymox extension and restart your browser then extension will be enable and after using Anonymox disable this extension by going to Add-on .  

What is Zenmate ???
Zenmate is also just like anonymox where you have to just on this extension and then you can enjoy all blocking sites also you can play movies or videos on youtube. This extension is best for Google Chrome and also just available on Google chrome . There are 5 countries to which you can change your IP adress easily. so enjoy both extensions easily and don't forget to share it :)

                              Download Zenmate For Google Chrome

To open or to enable zenmate for google chrom just see right upper side of your chrome browser. There will be an icon of zen mate just click on it and then on the protection as shown in below picture and after using it you can do same and can do easily again off or disable zenmate.

 If you are still confusing or if you have a problem then you can ask in comments :). I am waiting for your comments .

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