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Make Addsense Account Just In One Hour

Creating a free addsense account is not difficult but everyone cannot make a account easily.Just follow below steps and get addsense account absolutely free just in one hour.

1-First of all make a new gmail account and then sign in to your account.

2-Now go to youtube and then you will automatically sign in to your gmail account.
3-Now just go to Youtube setting and click on channel setting and then simply enable monestisation setting by clicking on Enable Monetisation.
4-Now a new page will open which will show you Enable Monetisation in blue colour.Here you have to mark all the options or boxes showing with pop options and then next and then click on Got It.
5-Now you have to go again to youtube setting and then click on monetisation setting.
6-Now see a last two questions which will be "How i will paid".
7-Now click on the question and click on "associate an addsense account".
8-Now a new page will open and then click on Next then it will readirect you to log in page.Here you have to click on "yes to proceed google sign in" or also you can choose any other gmail account.
9-Now it will show you addsense sign up page.Here you have to fill the registration form.But remember to put correct information,
Fore example:- Put your right name , address and postal code etc.
10-Now just submit your application and wait for one hour, your addsense account will be approved.

Google addsense is the best and easy way to earn money with your website or blog etc. You can earn maximum money but it depends upon your traffic. If you have maximum traffic then you will earn maximum money.You can payout your money easily when you will rech to minimum amount of 100$.
If you have any difficulty then you can ask using comment box below.

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