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send92 is for those people which are searching for such a system which is totally free of cost like free sms or services and free calls or services etc. Because now-a-days all mobile companies has increase their service charges or taxes which are not affortable to any person so send92 is the best messenger to send free sms to everywhere.Send92 is serving more than 1 million people in the world which are using send92 to send free sms to all over the world to their family members or friends.So enjoy this free service from send92.You don't need to signup and complete any registration form also you have no need to have any mobile or sim etc.
Jusr enter you name , and then number of receiver then write you message and then send it to your any friend, And after sending one sms if you want to send more sms then click on below link:

                            Send More Free SMS 
                                             Send More Free SMS

You can also receive sms from all the numbers.To receive you sms enter the number from which you want to receive the message and then you will get sms from that person. Jusr give him this number  0313-0877941 and said him to send his message on this number then you will recieve his message in inbox by writing his number on box ,
you have to write number like this ( 923134123060 ) in box and then you will mesages from that number,
Still have any problem then you can easily ask by using comment box below.
If you have still any problem then you can ask easily by using below comment box.
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