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How to get Scholorship for China

Chinese Government Scholarship Program (CGSP)
How to apply for ** CSC ( China Scholarship Council ) *** for any Master or P.H.D Degree.
Note: CSC is fully funded scholarship by the Chinese government. You will not need to Pay any Tuition or Dormitory fee to the university during the whole degree program.
You will definitely get monthly stipend about 1800 to 2500 RMB (For Masters) and 2000 to 3500 RMB (For P.H.D).
You must not pay any single penny to any Agent between You and CSC because CSC believes in the direct link between Students and them.
The procedure is described below in Steps :
Phase-I (Must Complete it before January)
1: You must make an attractive CV and mention each and everything you have ever achieved in your social life and educational career.
2: Prepare a study plan .
3: Find a university in China which offers your degree program and it must be affiliated with China scholarship council (CSC)
[List of Chinese Universities affiliated with CSC is attached below] Please visit university website to check whether it offers study field relevant to you or not.
4: After selecting University, track its faculty and their contacts. The best way to reach faculty is University Website. Choose a professor who must be associated with your relevant field of study.
5: Email that professor along with a Nice Message mentioning that you want to study under his supervision, your resume (CV) and Study Plan. Professor will send your acceptance letter or email (Sample is attached below ) If professor refuses to accept you. You must look for another professor and sometimes maybe for another university.
6: Apply for a Passport and get it.
** Now you have your Acceptance Letter and Passport in your hand **
Note: Must get your Acceptance letter and Passport before January.
CSC scholarships will be announced in Late December or Early January till April
Phase: II
1: Go to Csc website when it opens (
2: Fill CSC Application Form online on CSC website. Each and everything is mentioned there in detail.
3: Print Filled Application Form.
4: Arrange 2 sets of all documents mentioned on CSC website and send both sets on University Address for which you have applied for.
5: You will receive an email from CSC in June regarding your Acceptance or Rejection for CSC.
if you are accepted university will send a JW202 form at your home in Pakistan.
1: Prepare your all documents required for Chinese X1 visa
(visit Chinese Embassy Islamabad Website)
2: Apply to Chinese Embassy in Islamabad or Karachi for VISA
Buy your ticket and Now you are on your way to P.R China.
Note: It’s not much hard to get CSC. You must present yourself as a hardworking student full of ambitions.
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How To Connect Youtube Channel With Adsense

Hello friends...!!!
I hope you are all well. Today i am going to tell you that how to attach adsense account with your youtube channel.It is very easy to do but still many of is don't know that how to earn money with google adsense and how to attach your channel with youtube account.So just follow below some steps and then you will be able to approve your adsense hosted account with youtube.
1-First of all just go to Youtube.

2-Now login to your account on which you have created your channel on youtube.

3-Now go to youtube setting by click on your account pic on the right above side.

4-Now click on "view additional settings".

5-If you have not enable monetization setting then enable monetization setting
Now click on view monetization settings

6-So here are some options about monetization setting but you have to click on " How i will be paid"

7-Now click on "Associate and adsense account" and then click on next

8-Now here are two options
  1-Proceed to google account sign in ( IF you want to approve your account on same e-mail adress ).
  2-Create a new account ( If you want to approve your account on other e-mail adress ).
9-So , click on first option as we want to approve account on the same e-mail adress.

10-Now re-enter you password and tell about you content and after selecting your language click on "Submit".

11-Now it is the very important part of your application because here you have to fill you contact information.So be carefully fill all the information and submit your application.

12-Now your application has been submitted and is being uneder reviewed. so within 1 or 2 days you will receive a confirmation e-mail from google adsense and then your account will be approve.

Important :
Before applying to google adsense you should must have 2 or 3 unique videos uploaded on your youtube channel so that they can reveiw your videos that they are copyrighted 
( If yes then they will not approve you application ) 
or your own ( If you have made videos by yourself then they will approve your application ).

If still you have any problem then you can ask me in comments. I am waiting for your comments and please share it to maximum people so that everyone can know this trick and can get advantage from it.
Thanks :)
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How To Unblock Youtube And Other Blocking Sites

Today i am going to share a very good and easy trick by which you can easily unblock all blocking sites, especially Youtube without any software or proxy . This will work for lifetime and you can do this in just in few steps. You have no need to register any software or to purchase any software just download a free extension and unblock all blocking sites. These extensions are for two major browsers which are Google Chrome and Mozila Firefox. So let see how we unblock all blocking sites including youtube to enjoy free movies and videos just by an extension.Here are two extensions...
  1. Anonymox for Mozila Firefox
  2. Zenmate for Google Chrome 
What is Anonymox ???
Anonymox is an extension use in Mozila Firefox to change you country IP adress. When you country IP adress will change then automatically all blocking sites will be unblocked. There are 5 countries or you have 5 options to choose country . You can select any country. When you will select any country then you IP adress will be automatically changed to that's country IP adress and then you can enjoy Youtube or other many blocking

                            Download Anonymox For Mozila Firefox

To unblock or to on anonymox attension go to Add-on and enable anonymox extension and restart your browser then extension will be enable and after using Anonymox disable this extension by going to Add-on .  

What is Zenmate ???
Zenmate is also just like anonymox where you have to just on this extension and then you can enjoy all blocking sites also you can play movies or videos on youtube. This extension is best for Google Chrome and also just available on Google chrome . There are 5 countries to which you can change your IP adress easily. so enjoy both extensions easily and don't forget to share it :)

                              Download Zenmate For Google Chrome

To open or to enable zenmate for google chrom just see right upper side of your chrome browser. There will be an icon of zen mate just click on it and then on the protection as shown in below picture and after using it you can do same and can do easily again off or disable zenmate.

 If you are still confusing or if you have a problem then you can ask in comments :). I am waiting for your comments .

If you like this post then please share this post to maximum of your friends also subscribe to our website by submitting your e-mail to subscription list above on right side...   thanks :)
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Callibrate Your Laptop's Battery For Accurate Battery Life Estimates

If you are using laptop then battery callibration is very important for you.You should must callibrate Your laptop's battery for accurate battery estimates.When you use laptop daily so you charge and discharge laptop's battery due to which its capacity decreases over time but when you callibrate your laptop's battery within a time then its capacity will remain constant.
Manufacturers generally recommend calibrating the battery over 2-3 months, that help to keep your battery readings accurate.Because if you not callibrate your battery within proper time then you may eventually notice that your laptop's battery suddenly dying during its usage without giving you any prior warnings. When it happens then it's deffinitely time to calibrate the battery.
So here i will tell you the best software for battery callibtaion. It is specially design for laptop so that you can easily callibrate your laptop's battery. The advantage of this software is that it will automatically tell you much information about your battery also it will tell

Battert capacity
Designed capacity
Current battery capacity
Battery remaining time
Battery status ( Charging or Discharging )
Charge/Discharge rate
Total battery charge cycles
Total discharge cycles
Total calibrations
Last callibration date

Also it will notify you when battery timing decreases upto 15% or 20% ( depend on you that how much time you set to notify you by going to settings ),and much more about your battery. You can say it is Doctor of your laptop's battery so why are you waiting just download your softeare ( Battery care ) from below

                            Download Battery Care

Have you any problem or question about this post then leave your comment below so that we can help you.
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Ping Your Blog In Minutes To Increase Traffic

How to Put Your Website To All Search Engines To Increase Your Website Traffic ???


Sometimes we make changes to our website or also may we add some new pages to our website or blog and then you need to let the Search Engines and other website to know that your website has an update. So today i will tell you the best method to iccrease your website traffic.

How to ping your website to increase your website traffic ???

I have mentioned some famous and best websites to increase you website traffic by ping sites.

1-Google Ping:  

Google Ping is the best and highest ranking website to ping your website or blog. Also this is very easy method to ping your website to increase your website traffic.

2-Ping Farm: 

Farm is also one of the best websites which tell Search Engines that your website has an update or your website has been updated.

3-Ping My Blog: 

This is also the website to tell other major blog directories that you website has latest updates. So that , everyone can know that you blog have latest updates and news.


Pingler is very old website and one of the best websites after Google Ping to ping your website.

5-Feed Shark:  

Feed Shark is also the best website or tool that can easily promote your websites by adding a ping to its partner websites or blogs.

6-Bulk Ping: 

This is a great and blong ping tool that can easily increase your website traffic by pinging your website or blog.


This is also a website to increase your website traffic or to tell other search engines about updats  of your website or blogger.


This is best website to ping your blog or website to 40+ search engines and services that keep track of blogs or websites and publish them.

9-Ping That Blog: 

This is a best website which has been created to perform a qualitative pinging on every page (New Page) or post (New Post) on your website or blog and not to generate unnecessary traffic toward to not working hosts. 

Theim.ord is an indexer which notifies your domain name to different web analytic websites like alexa , quarkbase , woorank and many more websites and also including most of search  engines.

These are the best website so use these sites to ping your blog to increase your website traffic but only use one service and send the ping when you have updated a page on your website or blog. Too many pages are panalized by google and it will have opposite affect on your website or blog.

Have any problem??? Ask me in comments , I will give suggestions to solve the problems :)
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How To Make Internet Speed Fast

Increase internet speed doubled are based on false claims. These claims are intended only focus is to get more and more visitors. Take your own example, to double the speed of the internet See the video of you on YouTube. Often the punishment of virus and become John the tool bars such claims, and users are caught in the trap of seeing the green garden.But speed remains slow because it cannot be fast just it can be maintained.

Internet speed for your Internet Service pruayydr set your stage, you can not pass it. I.e if you buy a Mega bits are connection anytime that you can not get two mega bits per second speed. Makes it possible for these companies is sitting business! When you search on internet for softwares to increase internet speed then many toolbars and crupt softwares that create many difficulties for you but speed remains slow so don't trust upon them.

However, there are some guidelines to follow when you can use the internet better.
For example, if you are using Internet and security updates to Windows Update tries to download. Which may slow down your internet speed.There are many heavy softwares which use internet and slow down internet speed so try to remove that programs or disable that programs just use them when you need otherwise not. If a browser and the system itself slow internet speed seems too slow. Boyle tees that help tune-up can improve system performance.
So don't believe on any post or any software which said to increase your internet speed because it is not possible but internet speed can just be better than before as explained below.

1-First of all open Run by pressing Window + R then write command gpedit.msc and press Enter

2-Now double click on Computer Configuration on right side and then go to Administrative Templates and then go to Network

3-Now after going to Network go to Qos Packet scheduler and then double click on  Limit reserveable bandwidth and make make Limit reserveable bandwidth Enable which will be Not configured and set bandwidth limit 0 which will be 20 or 80

Computer Configuration/Administrative templates/Network/Qos Packet Sheduler/Limit reserveable bandwidth/Enable ( set value 0 )/OK
So now you will get 100% speed of your internet.

If you have any confusion then you can ask by using comment box below.
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