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Callibrate Your Laptop's Battery For Accurate Battery Life Estimates

If you are using laptop then battery callibration is very important for you.You should must callibrate Your laptop's battery for accurate battery estimates.When you use laptop daily so you charge and discharge laptop's battery due to which its capacity decreases over time but when you callibrate your laptop's battery within a time then its capacity will remain constant.
Manufacturers generally recommend calibrating the battery over 2-3 months, that help to keep your battery readings accurate.Because if you not callibrate your battery within proper time then you may eventually notice that your laptop's battery suddenly dying during its usage without giving you any prior warnings. When it happens then it's deffinitely time to calibrate the battery.
So here i will tell you the best software for battery callibtaion. It is specially design for laptop so that you can easily callibrate your laptop's battery. The advantage of this software is that it will automatically tell you much information about your battery also it will tell

Battert capacity
Designed capacity
Current battery capacity
Battery remaining time
Battery status ( Charging or Discharging )
Charge/Discharge rate
Total battery charge cycles
Total discharge cycles
Total calibrations
Last callibration date

Also it will notify you when battery timing decreases upto 15% or 20% ( depend on you that how much time you set to notify you by going to settings ),and much more about your battery. You can say it is Doctor of your laptop's battery so why are you waiting just download your softeare ( Battery care ) from below

                            Download Battery Care

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