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How To Make Internet Speed Fast

Increase internet speed doubled are based on false claims. These claims are intended only focus is to get more and more visitors. Take your own example, to double the speed of the internet See the video of you on YouTube. Often the punishment of virus and become John the tool bars such claims, and users are caught in the trap of seeing the green garden.But speed remains slow because it cannot be fast just it can be maintained.

Internet speed for your Internet Service pruayydr set your stage, you can not pass it. I.e if you buy a Mega bits are connection anytime that you can not get two mega bits per second speed. Makes it possible for these companies is sitting business! When you search on internet for softwares to increase internet speed then many toolbars and crupt softwares that create many difficulties for you but speed remains slow so don't trust upon them.

However, there are some guidelines to follow when you can use the internet better.
For example, if you are using Internet and security updates to Windows Update tries to download. Which may slow down your internet speed.There are many heavy softwares which use internet and slow down internet speed so try to remove that programs or disable that programs just use them when you need otherwise not. If a browser and the system itself slow internet speed seems too slow. Boyle tees that help tune-up can improve system performance.
So don't believe on any post or any software which said to increase your internet speed because it is not possible but internet speed can just be better than before as explained below.

1-First of all open Run by pressing Window + R then write command gpedit.msc and press Enter

2-Now double click on Computer Configuration on right side and then go to Administrative Templates and then go to Network

3-Now after going to Network go to Qos Packet scheduler and then double click on  Limit reserveable bandwidth and make make Limit reserveable bandwidth Enable which will be Not configured and set bandwidth limit 0 which will be 20 or 80

Computer Configuration/Administrative templates/Network/Qos Packet Sheduler/Limit reserveable bandwidth/Enable ( set value 0 )/OK
So now you will get 100% speed of your internet.

If you have any confusion then you can ask by using comment box below.

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